Nucor Steel in Utah, USA has commissioned Italy-based MORE Srl to supply pneumatic lime injection technology in the plant's two electric arc furnaces located in the steelmaker's Plymouth facility.

MORE has supplied its L-ONE lime injectors, which are characterised by their combined burner mode, high-efficiency material injection. The injectors are installed into machined copper bulged blocks equipped with a flash-stop system to avoid damage from back-fires.

Dedicated MOLI lime dispensers have been supplied for the pneumatic transportation of lime from the plant's external day-bins to each electric arc furnace. The entire system is controlled by a dedicated automation system with lime injection set-points integrated into the burner profiles for a fully automated control of the injection, MORE explained.

Good results have been achieved in terms of stable slag management, lime savings and overall furnace performance. The company claims that the MORE lime injection system demonstrated 'high reliability' at the plant.