Introducing STI Webinars

Through a series of webinars, Steel Times International will be offering, free-of-charge, access to some of the best minds in the business. Global steelmakers, respected research and development gurus, academics and high-calibre thought leaders are coming together to discuss all aspects of steel production including: COVID-19, climate policy, green steelmaking, supply chain management, industry 4.0, the future of work, and the European steel industry

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Eliminating CO2, Energy, and Quality Inefficiencies through Application of AI - Register to attend here

Tuesday 26 April 2022, 14:00 GMT

The steel industry accounts for approximately 8% of anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Due to growing consumer awareness, consuming industries like the automotive and aerospace industries also push themselves and their supply chains forward to reduce the CO2 footprint.

Applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms has the potential to lower the carbon footprint and reduce quality inefficiencies without the need to invest into new equipment.

To fully unleash the potential and increase the artificial intelligence acceptance in steel manufacturing, the AI approach must be extended from individual processing steps to a plant-wide strategy. Smart Steel Technologies provides ready-to-use AI-based solutions to tackle these challenges.

Key topics covered will be:

  • AI and its uses for sustainability
  • AI in steel
  • Opportunities to lower carbon footprint

Speakers include:

Dr. Falk Florian Henrich: Founder and Managing Director of Smart Steel Technologies.

Lucas Corts: Head of Business Development at Smart Steel Technologies.