Introducing STI Webinars

Through a series of webinars, Steel Times International will be offering, free-of-charge, access to some of the best minds in the business. Global steelmakers, respected research and development gurus, academics and high-calibre thought leaders are coming together to discuss all aspects of steel production including: COVID-19, climate policy, green steelmaking, supply chain management, industry 4.0, the future of work, and the European steel industry

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Perspectives on Metals Analysis

Thursday 19th August- 14:00hrs BST

Sponsored by: ThermoFisher Scientific

Fractography, metallography, electron microscopy, there are a many different ways of approaching the analysis of steel to determine whether the metal being produced is fit for purpose or whether changes need to be made to the process to ensure the products on the line will, ultimately, be acceptable to end users. Metals analysis can also be used to understand why process equipment can fail. This webinar will hear from a number of experts in the field.

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