Introducing STI Webinars

Through a series of webinars, Steel Times International will be offering, free-of-charge, access to some of the best minds in the business. Global steelmakers, respected research and development gurus, academics and high-calibre thought leaders are coming together to discuss all aspects of steel production including: COVID-19, climate policy, green steelmaking, supply chain management, industry 4.0, the future of work, and the European steel industry

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Green Steelmaking Webinar

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Thursday 18th April 2024, 14:00GMT

Today, steel production accounts for 7% of global emissions. Decarbonization of the industry is essential to build a cleaner future, and new technology will be the key enabler. Join our experts to discover how steelmakers, iron companies, and suppliers are applying innovative processes, digitalization, green hydrogen, and fossil free sources to reach net zero goals and reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.

Learn more on:

  • Green transformation
  • Raw materials and energy requirements
  • Sustainable markets
  • Low-carbon technologies


José Noldin, CEO, GravitHy

Jonas Osberg, vice president, group offering and key accounts, Ovako Group

Direct Reduced Iron Webinar

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Thursday 23 May 2024, 14:00 GMT

The 2030 project pipeline of DRI plants has grown to 94Mt/yr, while the pipeline for commercial-scale CCUS on blast furnace-based operations amounts to 1Mt/yr. Steelmakers are increasingly turning to DRI-based technologies during the green industrial transition, due to its capability to enable nearly carbon-neutral steel production.

There are many benefits to utilising DRI in steelmaking, which include low residual element content, predictable mass and heat balances, easy handling, consistency of melt, and its ability to be continuously fed to the furnace.

In this webinar, experts will discuss DRI technologies, solutions, and its capacity to transform the steel industry to a sustainably driven sector.

Topics include:

Scrap markets

Process efficiencies

Decarbonization roadmaps

Speakers include:

William Friesinger, Key Account Manager, Midrex

Rutger Gyllenram, CEO and founder, Kobolde

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