Technical Guidelines for the Acceptance of Advertisements

Printing standards for magazine production require high-quality copy, which can only be achieved if the copy supplied is in certain specific formats, and on certain types of media. The requirements for all Quartz Business Media Ltd publications are set out below. If you are unfamiliar with some of the terminology, our Salesperson or Production Executive should be able to advise you - or you can contact an agency or reprographic bureau.


  • FTP: Quartz has an FTP server. Please ask your Sales/Production contact for FTP login details.
  • Email: Send to (where 'name' is insert the email name of your Sales contact or Production Executive contact in Quartz Business Media Ltd). The Subject line of the email should include these details (attachment size limit = 5MB): [Your Company Name] [Ad/Logo/Copy] for [PublicationName] [Month]
  • Disks: CD (indicate if PC or Mac formatted)


  • Images: Pictures/Photos/Logos/Illustrations should be supplied as TIFF or EPS (binary format not JPEG Encoded) minimum resolution 300dpi at size to be used, colour-separated for spot colours and CMYK. If sending by email, compressed JPEG is acceptable. If colour matching is required, a colour proof should be supplied by post or courier to your contact in Quartz.
  • Lineart scans must be TIFF or EPS, minimum 600dpi,or hard copy for scanning.
  • Text: Text Only, Rich Text Format, or a Microsoft Word document.
  • Fonts: Any fonts required can only be supplied to us if your license includes a Remote User clause. Otherwise our nearest available match will be used.
  • PDFs: Files should be saved in CMYK at 300dpi at the correct size.
  • Mechanical specifications: Copy must also conform to the specifications listed in the publication media pack. Our Salesperson or Production Executive can supply you with the details.


  • QuarkXpress
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

Please check with your Quartz Business Media contact for the version in use.

If the copy received does not conform to the formats listed above, Quartz Business Media Ltd regret that it may be returned to you for correction. PowerPoint, CorelDraw, Web images and logos are not acceptable as the resolution is too low. Should you wish us to undertake any adjustments or artwork on the copy you supply, this may incur an additional charge at a similar rate to a reprographic bureau. In this event, your Sales contact or Production Executive will contact you. Should you wish to use a reprographic bureau instead, they can supply a list of bureaux with contact details.

A full copy of the Conditions of Acceptance of Advertisements is printed on the reverse of the company's Order Acknowledgement form; it is also available separately on request.