Liberty enhances plant safety with Industry 4.0-based sensor technology

Hi-tech enhances plant safety at Liberty Steel

17th September, 2020

LIBERTY Steel Group and Shiftec, two members of the sustainable industry leader GFG Alliance, are partnering to deploy sensor technology with the potential to enhance safety and improve efficiency at industrial sites.

US rebar industry welcomes continuation of trade remedies against Mexico and Turkey

US rebar industry welcomes continuation of trade remedies

17th September, 2020

The US International Trade Commission (ITC) found today that revocation of the countervailing duty order against Turkey and the anti-dumping order against Mexico would be likely to lead to continuation or recurrence of material injury to the domestic rebar industry within a reasonably foreseeable time. All five Commissioners voted in favour of the domestic industry. As a result, these orders will be continued for at least an additional five years.

Prepare for the second wave – of Steel Times International's Free Webinar Programme!

Prepare for the second wave...

17th September, 2020

The highly successful and much-praised Steel Times International Free Webinar Programme 2020 is back!

Latest issue: August 2020 – Digital Issue

August 2020 – Digital Issue

I will always remember the closing line in the movie, It’s Alive, a horror film about mutant babies. At least I think that’s what it was about; you can probably find out more by Googling it. Anyway, the closing quote: ‘Another one’s been born in Seattle’. Despite all the attempts of the ‘good guys’ to eradicate the problem, another mutant was born in Seattle, paving the way, perhaps, for It’s Alive 2. If it exists, I never saw it.

These days, of course, that word ‘sequel’ is old hat. Instead, we have ‘second wave’ and everybody’s talking about a second wave of corona virus and the potential of another ‘lockdown’. Here in the UK they are having localised lockdowns wherever a virus flare-up occurs, and I can’t say that anybody’s looking forward to the winter months.