NLMK improves BF environmental performance

NLMK improves BF environmental performance

27th May, 2020

Russian steelmaker NLMK Group’s flagship production site, NLMK Lipetsk, has completed performance testing of new air purification systems installed on facilities that underwent capital repairs in late 2019, namely Basic Oxygen Furnace No. 2, which has a capacity in excess of 3Mt/yr of steel and Blast Furnace No. 6, which has a capacity of 3.4Mt/yr of pig iron.

Former Big River executive joins Californian AI business

Bula joins Californian AI business

27th May, 2020

Former Big River Steel executive Mark Bula has been appointed chief strategy officer (CSO) and general manager (GM) of Steel for, a California-based artificial intelligence business. Bula will be responsible for the strategic leadership of overall growth plans and will spearhead the company’s efforts in the steel industry.

EUROFER welcomes the EU Recovery Plan

EUROFER welcomes recovery plan

26th May, 2020

The European Commission has presented its EU Recovery Plan to support a climate-neutral, digitalised and resilient EU economy, helping to rebuild after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Men go and come, but earth abidesEcclesiastes, 1,4

I’ve never seen Contagion and I don’t intend to watch it now, purely because I’m living it, like most people on the planet. However, this morning, on a level so miniscule it’s probably not worth talking about, I started to think about how civilisation can slowly vanish, if we’re not careful, and there are signs of this everywhere at present. My tiny little example is that my lawnmower gave up the ghost over the weekend and there’s nobody around to fix it, meaning that my lawn will grow uncontrollably until I get it fixed or buy a new one. Currently, as I look out on the garden, it’s as if the grass has been given a radical haircut, but if weeks or months go by, it’ll start looking like a…