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  • Future of Furnaces

    Location: Online event.
    Date: 14th September - 15th September 2021

    This online event will unite the glass, aluminium and steel sectors to discuss overcoming heat treatment challenges and present a collaborative approach to bring the Furnace of the Future to life.

  • IAS Steel Conference and EXPO IAS

    Location: City Centre, Rosario, Argentina
    Date: 5th October - 7th October 2021

    The Instituto Argentino de Siderurgia is inviting the whole steel community to participate at the 23rd IAS Steel Conference and EXPO IAS 2021 and to share new technological advances and experiences with the purpose of contributing to the growth of the sector in quality, sustainability and competitiveness.

    International Pre-Conference Courses will be delivered by well-known speakers on 4 October.

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  • Eurocoke Summit

    Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    Date: 5th October - 6th October 2021

    As the metals industry moves towards decarbonization, steelmakers are looking to minimize the environmental impact of the energy and resource-intense electric arc furnace process (EAF). Since process conditions in EAF are far optimal in their natural state, innovative technology solutions have a valuable role to play in reducing energy consumption and carbon footprints, improving power flow and arc stability, increasing process reliability, uptime and productivity and extending the lifetime of related equipment. Attend the ABB presentation to find out how the ground-breaking VD4-AF1 circuit breaker and the unique ArcSave® electromagnetic stirrer can support your EAF efficiency goals.

  • Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing (SIM) Europe

    Location: Brussels Expo, Belgium
    Date: 9th March - 10th March 2022

    Hosting leaders from the worlds of science, innovation, government, industry, and investment, SIM Europe will provide an opportunity for those at the frontier of energy intensive industrial manufacturing to collaborate and deliver real change.