Sanjeev Manocha

Business Development Director at Lanzatech

Abstract: Decarbonize steel and Ferroalloys while producing sustainable aviation fuels and chemicals.

Steel mills are at a critical decision-making moment to pick the most economic and sustainable solution. LanzaTech believes that eliminating carbon emissions will be achieved through the integration of multiple technologies to deliver bespoke solutions suited to the local market and circumstances.

Amongst the options is an innovative carbon capture and use technology developed by LanzaTech. LanzaTech converts carbon-rich gases into sustainable fuels and chemicals by a process of gas fermentation, with microbes that feed on gases rather than sugars, as in traditional fermentation. LanzaTech’s naturally-occurring microbe has been optimized to provide economic routes to ethanol, jet fuel and chemicals from a variety of carbon-rich gas streams, including industrial off-gases from steel and ferroalloy mills, agricultural waste, municipal solid waste (MSW), and even CO2 from Direct Air Capture (DAC). By capturing the carbon contained in these gas streams, LanzaTech’s gas fermentation process reduces industry carbon emissions whilst producing sustainable aviation fuels and chemicals that serve as building blocks for a broad range of consumer products including household cleaning products and detergents, fine fragrances, packaging, textile fibres and fuels.


Sanjeev Manocha is the business development director of LanzaTech, headquartered in Chicago, USA. Sanjeev joined LanzaTech earlier this year, having developed a passion to decarbonize industries. His focus is within steel, cement and energy intensive industry sectors.

In terms of his wider career, Sanjeev is a metallurgical engineer with an executive MBA, who started his working life in the iron and steel industry and has served in various executive positions across Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.

In the later part of his career, Sanjeev moved to the lime industry. Sanjeev has also served as a board member with various businesses and institutes.