Phelim Kine
Senior Director (Asia)
Mighty Earth


The Post-COVID Decarbonization Dividend: A Possible Dream.

The promise of a near-term end to the pandemic puts the world on the cusp of a possible dramatic acceleration in industrial decarbonization efforts. A trifecta of factors has created this opportunity:

  • Growing public demands for substantive climate action;
  • A flurry of voluntary carbon-neutral commitments from steel companies and heavy industy actors;
  • An acceleration in technological innovation to make decarbonization feasible and economical

At the same time, as the public clamours for real climate action and industry moves to meet the moment, governments are beginning to direct trillions of dollars for post-COVID government infrastructure spending in major industrialized countries. That spending – hinged to regulatory and policy initiatives – holds the promise of aligning or even surpassing official climate commitments with substantive moves to steer carbon emission-heavy industrial production systems toward carbon neutral and net-zero carbon targets.


Phelim Kine leads the Mighty Earth Heavy Industry team that focusses on government, corporate and civil society engagement to tackle the climate crisis through industrial decarbonization, starting with the steel sector. Kine is a former Asia-based foreign correspondent who has spent much of the past two-decades focused on research and advocacy on human rights and environmental sustainability issues in Asia.