Olga Kalashnikova
Head of Environment


Climate opportunities for the steel sector


  • The presentation will provide an overview of global steel industry initiatives aimed at sector decarbonisation (CCSU, green Hydrogen, DRI). A very quick overview of investor and customer driven demands for emissions curbing.
  • Severstal’s current position amongst global steel companies in terms of sustainability (e.g. World Steel Association recognition). An overview of Severstal’s current decarbonisation strategy; why this is important and how is will improve Severstal’s competitive position (with investors and customers), Severstal’s collaboration with start-ups in search for innovative solutions; further initiatives under consideration by the Company for future.
  • How the business is adapting more generally to take into consideration climate risks to the existing businesses, and how this in turn is helping accelerate Severstal’s business transformation – better, more efficient and sustainable ways of working = more effective and resilient business long-term
  • And, how Severstal, with its leading focus on innovation, is now developing new, more sustainable products; capitalising on growing demand for niche products


Olga Kalashnikova joined Severstal in 2020 to lead the Company’s strategy to reduce its carbon footprint and meet the climate challenge.

She was previously responsible for Upstream environmental performance at Shell Russia. Ms Kalashnikova has more than 20 years’ experience working with blue chip international companies to improve their environmental performance. During more than 10 years at Royal Dutch Shell she was responsible for ensuring best environmental practices were maintained at the group’s joint ventures in Russia, as well as for developing and running strategies to address local environmental issues, including those related to biodiversity, environmentally sensitive areas, managing greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency.