Kevin Ball
ArcSave Solutions Consultant
ABB Metallurgy Products


Supporting more sustainable electric arc furnace steel production with ABB technologies

As the metals industry moves towards decarbonization, steelmakers are looking to minimize the environmental impact of the energy and resource-intense electric arc furnace process (EAF). Since process conditions in EAF are far optimal in their natural state, innovative technology solutions have a valuable role to play in reducing energy consumption and carbon footprints, improving power flow and arc stability, increasing process reliability, uptime and productivity and extending the lifetime of related equipment. Attend the ABB presentation to find out how the ground-breaking VD4-AF1 circuit breaker and the unique ArcSave® electromagnetic stirrer can support your EAF efficiency goals.


Since 2010 Kevin has worked with ABB to develop financial solutions for energy efficiency enhancements for steel production, the latest of which is for ArcSave. Kevin is a chartered electrical engineer who has over 30 years’ experience in the energy sector, developing and financing low carbon power solutions and energy efficiency programmes for process industries.