Boris Voskresenskii

Founder of Arcadia Steel

Abstract: Artificial intelligent operators as an instrument to decrease fuel and electricity consumption.

When we think about decarbonization we usually expect huge changes in technology or equipment with high capital expenses. But we also have another instrument for this process: a data science approach.

You can create an artificial intelligent operator which will control a production unit more than 95% of the time and achieve more than a 2% decrease in fuel or electricity consumption on existing equipment. A data science team can develop such software in 6-12 months.

In this presentation you will see two different examples of how a data science approach can lead us to decarbonization: a model for a pellet kiln and a solution for air compressors.


Boris is a founder of Arcadia Steel and ex-CDO of one of the leading Russian steel companies. He and a part of his team left Russia and quit their jobs because of their position on the Russian-Ukraine war.

Boris joined the Russian steel company in 2017 as Head of Data Science and he became CDO in 2020. He is also a Kaggle Competition Master since 2018. Before that Boris worked in Data Science in a bank and was a Head of Risk Management Department in a factoring company.