Juha Erkkilä
Head of Group Sustainability


Sustainability & Circular Economy in Stainless Steelmaking.

Stainless steelmaking at Outokumpu is at the core of the circular economy. The recycled content of stainless steel made at Outokumpu is in excess of 90% and the products are 100% recyclable. Stainless steel production is integrated to FeCr production. The largest portion of CO2 emissions that are linked to stainless steel production are the upstream emissions coming from the production of raw materials, which are often omitted when comparing carbon footprints. It is important to challenge the whole supply chain to join the journey towards carbon neutrality in order to have a global affect. Outokumpu is committed to carbon-neutrality by 2050 for scope 1 & 2 emissions and is well on track with its science-based targets to reach its short-term goal of reducing its CO2 footprint by 20% until 2023.


Metallurgist with a passion towards sustainability.