François Ponchon

European Director of Innovation and Technology at Carmeuse Group

Abstract: Carmeuse, the right partner of steelmakers for green and sustainable steel

The steel industry is committed to making steel production more sustainable. Decarbonization of steel production must then happen on the entire value chain from iron ore to finished products. The transition in Europe from Blast Furnace (BF) & Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) to Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) will happen with the challenge of DRI production, green energy supply and hydrogen. This will allow to reduce part of the CO2 emissions, but production efficiency (Scope 1) must also be part of the journey, along with raw materials & transport (Scope 3).

The use of quality lime contributes to the best efficient steel production (Scope 1). The use of appropriate applications like lime injection in EAFs also enhances optimum utilization. The best quality and application have a positive impact on energy and raw material input to improve overall productivity and reduce the total cost of ownership and related CO2 footprint of steel production.

Carmeuse is primarily involved in the production and supply of lime for the steel industry (Scope 3). The company is following a roadmap to become carbon neutral by 2050. In the short term, this involves using best available technologies such as PFR kilns (a good example is the replacement of rotary kilns with PFR kilns to supply lime and dolime to US Steel Košice in Slovakia) and using alternative fuels like biomass. Carmeuse is also moving to disruptive technologies allowing CO2 concentration and use or storage of CO2, taking notably advantage of the unique property of lime able to capture and release CO2.


François Ponchon is the European director of innovation and technology within the CARMEUSE Group, one of the world leaders in the manufacturing and marketing of lime.

A graduate engineer with a master’s degree in materials science, he also holds a master’s in business management. François worked in the lime sector for more than 27 years in different functions always in contact with both markets and customers. Since 2021, he has managed the innovation team for the development of new products and solutions in different markets.