Gerald Wimmer
Vice President Converter Steelmaking
Primetals Technologies


Dr. Gerald Wimmer studied mechanical engineering and international business administration. He joined Primetals Technologies in 2009; after holding positions for numerical simulations, technology, he became vice president for converter steelmaking three years ago.


Transforming steelmaking – roadmap to net-zero carbon for integrated plants by Gerald Wimmer, vice-president, converter steelmaking, Primetals Technologies

Iron and steel making is the second largest global industrial CO2 emitter, this is mainly drive by the high CO2 emissions generated during iron making in blast furnace, which is still the dominant production route.
Further optimization of this route is possible and will allow some further reduction of emissions but in many areas physical limits are almost reached. For significant reduction and move toward carbon neutrality the rate of hot metal coming from blast furnace need to be reduced and replaced by materials with lower CO2 emission such direct reduced iron or scrap.
Primetals Technologies has developed short-term and long-term solutions for the transition of integrated plants to carbon neutrality. These solutions will be presented as well as transition scenarios.