Marian D’Auria

Global Head of Risk and Sustainability at GFG Alliance

Abstract: Unlocking green steel - how the UK can reinvigorate, decarbonize and futureproof the steel industry

This presentation will explore:

  • What are the end point processes for low-carbon steelmaking in the UK.
  • Policy and economic blockers to realising fully sustainable steel supply chain.
  • How the right environment for investment can be achieved.
  • How the high energy prices should be tackled.
  • How a commercial market for low-carbon steel can be created.
  • What are the key actions that the policymakers should take to stimulate transition to low-carbon steelmaking in the UK, and what the UK economy will gain from that.


Marian is the global head of risk and sustainability at GFG Alliance. Prior to joining GFG, she was a managing director at Redington and before that, led Deloitte’s trustee advisory team in London. Marian has over 20 years’ experience in risk management, sustainability, governance, and investment consulting.

Marian is also a NED of USS Limited and chairs their pensions committee. She is a fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and has served two terms on their governing council, as well as sitting on their management board. She is a current member of the IFoA Sustainability Board.