Dr. Thomas Griessacher

Steel Plant Manager, Stahl- und Walzwerk Marienhütte GmbH

Abstract: AI-driven temperature control at Marienhütte Graz: Energy savings and improved process control

Marienhütte Graz is a highly specialized steel mill that produces rebars in different dimensions and qualities at its shop in the centre of Graz. The shop operates an AC Electric Arc Furnace with modern injection technology, a ladle furnace, and a two-strand billet caster. For optimal temperature control, Marienhütte Graz has recently introduced the software SST Temperature AI developed by Smart Steel Technologies GmbH. The software uses neural networks and other machine learning algorithms to compute temperature estimates and recommendations 24/7 with high precision and low latency for all melt shop processes and each heat. It is fully integrated with Marienhütte’s production automation system. By using SST Temperature AI, Marienhütte Graz has stabilized the entire process chain while saving energy thanks to a reduced overall temperature level. A systematic evaluation has shown that when SST Temperature AI is used the EAF tapping temperature is reduced by up to 10 Kelvin compared to a reference period.


Dr. Thomas Griessacher has been steel plant manager at Stahl- und Walzwerk Marienhütte GmbH since 2013. Marienhütte is a highly specialized steelworks that stands by the region and its people.