Dipl-Ing. Gunther Schober

Business Development at PSI Metals

Abstract: 360-degree Approach to Empower Steel Production

Steel is literally the basis for economic growth. At the same time, the steel industry is one of the most energy-intensive industry and as such a major contributor to the overall CO2 emissions worldwide. Although software will not change the steel production process, collaborative smart software solutions will empower sustainable operations by optimizing energy usage and significantly support CO2 reduction targets while minimizing production and material costs.

Production management software is a strategic tool that supports this demand for holistic approach which can be realized through many single measures that need to be aligned and monitored. PSI Metals offers a 360°approach to sustaina-ble production management which supports energy savings and decarbonization. Smart software can predict energy consumption and align it with the production demands and supply. Software services optimize the scrap usage for the best quality at lowest costs. Online heat scheduling and other plan-ning tools increase the OEE and material usage. Reactive deviation management allows quality prediction for an increased ‘first time right’ rate. An integrated production management system provides the necessary flexibility for modern production and the transparency required for a quality production while minimizing the CO2 impact.

PSI Metals’ 360° view on production management will show its users how to empower their transition path to sustainable production.


Gunther Schober, born November 21, 1970 in Leoben, Austria, graduated in 1994 as Metallurgical Engineer with focus on industrial and energy economics at the Mining University of Leoben. After his first experience as sales engineer and sales manager, he took over management responsibility as head of sales & marketing for AVL DiTEST, an international automotive company.

In 2007, he joined PSI Metals. As Senior Consultant, Project Manager and Sales Manager, his expertise in metals and international experience in process development and Supply Chain Management is highly sought after. With more than 15 years of experience in the field of Production Management Solutions encompassing Supply Chain Management and Planning, Product Design, Quality Management,
Production Execution and Logistics, he has become a recognised expert in these areas.

PSI Metals, known as an innovative company, became number one metal industry’s partner for Industry 4.0 and production management software. Gunther Schober’s expertise together with PSI Metals’ innovative approach make him a demanded contact for future solutions.