DR. Falk-Florian Henrich
Founder & CEO
Smart Steel Technologies


CO2 Reduction at the Level of Process Control

Steelmakers are transforming conventional process routes into carbon neutral manufacturing processes. CO2 emissions of blast furnaces are being reduced by changing the reducing agent. New DRI - EAF plants are commissioned next to optimized BFs. In parallel, regulatory frameworks evolve continuously. Therefore, steelmakers need advanced solutions to assess and control, at each point in time, the exact CO2 efficiency of all production routes.

Advanced technology required to exactly assess the CO2 and energy footprint of each
individual steel product. For these applications, Smart Steel Technologies provides
ready-to-use AI-based solutions.


Dr. Falk-Florian Henrich is founder and managing director of Smart Steel
Technologies. The company offers AI-based software products to optimize steel
production. Leading steel manufacturers apply SST software 24/7 in production. After
a very short setup project, production quality is substantially increased and energy
consumption is reduced.

Prior to founding Smart Steel Technologies, Dr. Henrich built the high-tech company
CeleraOne (2011-2018), established it as the market leader in the paid content sector
and sold it to Axel Springer SE.

Dr. Henrich holds a PhD in mathematics and contributed substantial research to the
theory of loop spaces of Riemannian manifolds and artificial intelligence.