Stanislav Zinchenko

Chief Executive Officer at GMK Centre

Abstract: How Iron Ore Companies Plan to Decarbonize their Mining Trucks Fleet

This presentation will discuss an overview of available technologies, implemented cases, OPEX assessment, analysis of roadmaps, and companies’ collaboration schemes.


Stanislav Zinchenko is the CEO of GMK Center, and a leading industry expert at the Center for Economic Recovery, and chair of the Committee for Environment and Sustainable Development of the European Business Association.

Stanislav Zinchenko has 15-year experience in consulting for manufacturing companies. He has expertise in operational management and logistics. He is a team leader, consultant and analyst in international projects in the field of entrepreneurship, production efficiency, infrastructure, economics.

Stanislav has a MA in international economics at Kyiv National Economic University and also studied economy at University of Konstanz in Germany. He is a certified REFA trainer and consultant at Bundesverband Darmstadt, Hessen in Germany.