Ashton Hertrich Giraldo

Sales engineer at Danieli Centro Metallics

Abstract: Hydrogen-ready Energiron | the way to zero GHG emissions

Global crude steel production has increased by around 12.8% between 2015 and 2020, and the demand forecast suggests that annual steel consumption will continue to grow. This could mean CO2 emissions will also increase if abatement actions are not taken.

Among the available routes for iron production, Energiron direct reduction plant (jointly developed by Tenova and Danieli) stands as a benchmark technology for environmental compliance, capable of intrinsically removing the process CO2 and using hydrogen as a make-up agent with the same process scheme. In this way, emissions are drastically reduced. However, a balance of hydrogen and natural gas in the process scheme should be preferred, to have the required carbon bonded in the DRI for steel production.


With 4 years’ experience within the Danieli group, Ashton Hertrich Giraldo is currently working as a sales engineer for the Danieli Centro Metallics division, with business focused on the technologies of beneficiation, pelletizing and direct reduction of iron ores.

He is currently dealing with proposals for DRP Energiron projects worldwide, taking care of the technical and commercial portion, and feasibility studies with a particular focus on customer demands.