Alex Griffiths
Principal analyst
Wood Mackenzie


How to Decarbonise Steel.

The path to "green steel" faces multiple challenges with significant costs. • Reusing scrap is the first logical step – can scrap collection increase?

  • New technologies use green energy as an input – can the share of renewable electricity rise?
  • If hydrogen as an alternative reductant is to be used, can green hydrogen supply rise and can prices fall?
  • How significant a role must carbon capture, storage and usage take? There is no single route to net-zero and whichever path steelmakers choose will be a long one. This is an evolution not a revolution.


Alex has been in the industry since 2007 – both in the pit and at the desk – prior to which, he was a teacher of Physics.

Alex joined Wood Mackenzie in 2016 and covers supply, demand and price forecasting for global steel and iron ore markets. He researches timely and relevant industry topics, has acted as an expert witness and collaborates on consultancy assignments.

Alex has an intimate knowledge of the mining industry having spent seven years working as an on-site resource geologist in outback Australia. He has also worked as an iron ore technical marketing consultant for a business intelligence group.

Alex holds an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business, a BSc from the University of Liverpool, a Post Graduate Certificate of Geostatistics from Edith Cowan University and a PGCE (Physics) from the University of Leeds.