The World Steel Association (worldsteel) has published the 2012 edition of World Steel in Figures. It is now available at under the Publications tab.

In 2011 – total global production of crude steel reached 1.57.9bnt, an increase of 88.8Mt on 2010 or 6.2%.

As has been the case in recent years, China dominated output at 683.9Mt accounting for 45% of global output. Japan was ranked second at 107.6Mt and USA third at 86.4Mt. India moved into fourth place producing 71.3Mt.

The top producing companies were ArcelorMittal (97.2Mt), Hebei Group (44.4Mt), Posco (39.1Mt), Baosteel Group (43.3Mt), Wuhan Group (37.7Mt) and Nippon Steel (33.4Mt). Of the top 10 producing companies six were Chinese.

On steel consumption per capita, S Korea topped the list at 1156.6kg per person. Taiwan was second at 784.4kg and Czech Republic third at 595.7. Japan’s consumption was 506.7kg, Germany’s 479.6kg while USA was 284.5kg. That in China was 412kg but in India the average was a mere 50kg. The European average was 243.5kg.

World Steel in Figures is available as a free download and provides essential facts and statistics about the global steel industry. The book contains comprehensive information on crude steel production, apparent steel use, pig iron production, steel trade, iron ore production and trade, and scrap trade.

World Steel in Figures lists major steel-producing countries, top steel-producing companies, and top steel-consuming countries.