World crude steel production for January 2016 was 128Mt – down 7.1% on January 2015 – based on figures submitted by the 66 countries reporting to the World Steel Association (worldsteel).

In China the crude steel production figure for January was 63.2Mt, down 7.8% on 2015 figures. Japan produced 8.8Mt,down 2.8%, and India’s production was 7.4Mt, down 1.2%. In South Korea 5.7Mt of crude steel was produced, down 4.5%.

In Europe, Germany produced 3.6Mt of crude steel, down 2%, when compared with January 2015. Italian crude production was down 5.3% at 1.8Mt while the Spanish produced 1.2Mt, down 9.5% on last year.

The Russians produced 5.6Mt of crude steel, down 10.6% when compared with January 2015, while the Ukrainian figure of 1.9Mt was up 3.6%.

In the USA, 6.6Mt of crude steel was produced, down 8.8%, while Brazil in South America produced 2.5Mt, down a staggering 17.9%.

The crude steel capacity utilisation ratio of the 66 countries was 66%, which was 5.8 percentage points lower than the January 2015 figure. When compared with December 2015 it was 0.8 percentage points higher.