The World Steel Association (worldsteel) has published a report on water management in the steel industry.

The report is the result of a project that surveyed worldsteel member companies. The survey included all steelmaking activities and considered both water quality and quantity issues.

It provides information about the processes, the water intake, the types of water used, reused and discharged.

The report also contains case studies that identify good water management practices for every process step from cokemaking to ironmaking, steelmaking and rolling to waste management.

The case studies illustrate how water availability, type of water and legislation determine what pre- and post- treatment techniques are applied.

In the appendix, European best available techniques (BAT) for water management are made available as described in the EU Directive on Integrated Pollution Prevention Control (IPPC).

The book also includes a CD with an Excel-based water management tool, which any company can use to assess its water management.

The book is now available to buy from