Steel exports from USA increased in January 2013 compared to December 2012 by 11.2% according to US Government data.

The growth was all due to increased exports to the NAFTA region while exports to all other regions declined on a month to month basis as international demand and prices softened in many international markets.”

Exports in January 2013 compared to January 2012 declined by 14.6%

David Phelps, president AIIS commented: “Steel exports declined to all regions in the year-to-year comparison as international economic conditions and steel-related demand sagged. We are concerned about the direction of the international marketplace at this point.”

Total Steel exports in January 2013 were 1.077M stons compared to 1.262M stons in January 2012, a 14.6% decrease, but an 11.2% increase compared to December 2012.