The University of Sheffield has been named as one of Siemens’ principal partner universities.

This prestigious status is in recognition of the collaborative relationship between the global Siemens company and the University in the development of the award-winning School of Engineering at Sheffield.

Siemens Metal Technologies is already working with the University to engage in an engineering faculty wide project called the Global Engineering Challenge, which will run over spring 2013. 300 second year engineering undergraduates will spend a week on a ‘Grand Challenge’ project set by Siemens MT as part of its drive to up skill the local graduate engineering community.

This builds on Siemens MT providing advice on topics taught, as well as assisting with procuring and integrating equipment for the planned Sheffield University Technical College which will specialise in advanced engineering and manufacturing.

In 2009, the Siemens Wind Power Research Centre was established between the University and Siemens Wind Power. The goal has been to develop the most reliable, innovative and efficient wind turbine generators that will be at the forefront of future onshore and offshore wind power systems.

Newcastle, Lincoln, Loughborough and Oxford Universities were also recognised as principal partners and Manchester and Cambridge Universities were awarded global ambassador status in recognition of the wide ranging research collaborations across business sectors and also their efforts to engage graduate talent with Siemens.

Siemens’ university partnering programme represents another major part of its commitment to the UK skills agenda. Collaboration ranges from joint research programmes to development of new qualifications to meet future demands, to providing industry placements as an integral part of education programmes.