UK company Bruderer is expanding its product range with three more agency lines. One will introduce press brakes, guillotine shears and plasma profiling machines, a second will cover the supply of press brake tooling and a third will add laser and inkjet marking systems.

Bruderer already sells servo roll feeds and coil handling equipment manufactured by PA Industries in the USA, and die and mould tooling from Fibro, Germany. The Italian-built Millutensil range of die splitters and spotting presses, roll feeders, decoilers/recoilers, straighteners and strip end welding machines are also offered.

Other sole agency lines include quick die change and clamping systems, press tool safety monitoring and control, sensor technology, press force monitoring, in-line washing and lubrication and machine vision systems for 100% real-time inspection of stamped parts.

The company also offers on-site operator training, machine movement within factories and other project engineering services. In addition, hydraulic press sales, repair and rebuilding facilities are available.

The company reported a higher than expected level of business during the recession. The company kept its trading figures in the black throughout 2009 thanks to the firm’s policy of diversifying into the supply of other metal stamping-related equipment, plus rebuild and refurbishment to factory standards of pre-owned machines.