Kardemir AS has contracted SMS Siemag of Germany, for the extensive modernisation and expansion of the BOF shop in Karabük, Turkey.

Kardemir is a producer of long products and is the only rail manufacturer in Turkey. It plans to increase production from 1.3Mt/y to 3Mt/y. To achieve this target, the volume of each of the two existing converters is to be increased from 67 to 121m3 and a new third converter with a capacity of 120t is to be supplied.

As well as the converters, SMS Siemag’s scope of supply includes the oxygen lance, bottom stirring system, tilt drive and the materials management systems as well as a new gas cleaning system for the new converter.
Additionally, the three converters will each be equipped with new sublances and slag retaining systems and will be fitted with the lamella suspension developed by SMS Siemag.

Increasing the volume of the two installed converters and thus raising the tap weight to 120t is only possible thanks to the patented SMS Siemag lamella system and its special geometry. The lamella suspension is a tried and tested design for arranging the converter vessel without restraint in the trunnion ring. The maintenance-free converter suspension using the lamella system has already proven itself in operation and to the satisfaction of the steelworks owners with more than 130 converter systems all over the world.

SMS Siemag will supply the complete X-Pact® electrical and automation systems for all three converters (levels 0, 1 and 2), and will integrating the two existing converters into the level-2 automation system. This will provide lower operating costs and enable the use of variable charge materials while also reducing consumption.

The X-Pact® Logistic Manager will be implemented both in the new and in the existing materials management systems of the steelworks. Using this software developed by SMS Siemag, the materials management system can flexibly adapt to new process requirements for all three converters. Modifications of the control system are not required.
The SMS Siemag scope of supply also contains a monitoring system for all production units of the steelworks including the continuous casters, which provides a comprehensive overview of the production and quality of the individual plants.
Commissioning of the new converter is scheduled for September 2013. Upon completion of the commissioning, the other modernisation measures will be performed.

A converter gas recovery system supplied by SMS Siemag was already successfully commissioned in 2008. The recovery plant was designed and built with the capacity for the installation of a third converter. By means of this plant, approximately 200Mm3 of converter gas can be recovered for generating electricity, corresponding to 280000MWh of energy per year.