The World Steel Association (worldsteel) has launched the ‘White Book of Steel’ an informative and entertaining look at steel’s enormous impact on the history of mankind, and the role that it is set to play in helping to shape the future of humanity.

The book traces steel’s development from the first iron that fell from the sky in meteorites to thin slab casting and on-line rolling today, via the main process that became the lynchpins of the Industrial Revolution.

The first half of the 48 page publication concentrates on historical developments after which the innovations that are developing ever more varieties of stronger, lighter and increasingly versatile steel are covered.

The book concludes with a time line stretching from 200BC to 2008 which presents both the development of technologies and significant uses of steel such as in construction and transport.
The White Book of Steel is available as hard copy from the worldsteel online bookshop FREE of charge or as a pdf download

or as an e-book:

There is also an accompanying web site ‘The Steel Story’