Steel piping producer Tenaris, a Techint group subsidiary, plans to invest $214 million in a second wind power plant in Olavarría, Buenos Aires.

Once the 91.5–megawatt new power plant reaches full operational capacity, it will play a pivotal role in facilitating the Tenaris plant situated in Campana, Argentina, to transition to relying entirely on renewable energy sources. According to Tenaris, this significant shift aligns with its dedication to fostering environmental sustainability and reducing carbon footprints within its operations.

The second power plant follows the inaugural plant in the same province, which has a power output of 103.2 megawatts. The plant includes 24 turbines (4.2 MW installed power each) generating a total of 509GWh annual electricity production, supplying close to 50% of the electrical energy required by Tenaris’s mill in Campana, with a reduction in CO2 emissions of 152,000 tons per year. The total investment amounted to $203 million.

Source: Steel Guru