Anand Sen, president TQM & Steel Business, inaugurated Tata Steel's Productivity Week 2019 at WGO Lawn, inside the Works premises and in the presence of Prabhat Lal, treasurer and accountant of the Tata Workers Union.

Mr Sen stressed the need for improving labour productivity with special emphasis on contract labour productivity, while Mr Lal spoke of the importance of improving productivity and how it was the key differentiator in today's competitive world.

Productivity Week owes its origin to the National Productivity Council, which was established in 1985 by India's Ministry of India.

The circular economy for productivity and sustainability is the national theme for this year's National Productivity Week (12-18 February) and will take place at all Tata Steel locations in India. Various events, such as productivity awareness sessions, a conference on leveraging artificial intelligence and simulation for productivity improvement, a divisional productivity contest, skit competition, and online quizzes, organised across different Tata Steel locations.