A report by City AM claims that the Community steelworkers' union has called on Tata Steel to clarify its intentions for the Port Talbot steel plant following reports that plant workers will not learn their fate until next year because 'of the intricacies of linking Tata with ThyssenKrupp.

According to Tata Steel, the negotiations over Port Talbot will be just as complex as those for the company's Scunthorpe facility. Negotiations with Greybull Capital took six months.

Tata announced that it's UK operations were up for sale in March and courted companies like Liberty Steel, which was widely touted as a strong contender, but the potential sale was put on hold when the Indian steel giant announced it was talking to German steelmaker ThyssenKrupp about the possibility of a joint venture.

An online report by Moneycontrol.com suggests that Tata Steel is likely to sell off its downstream units in Rotherham, Hartlepool and Stocksbridge but keep Port Talbot 'off the anvil'.

"Tata Steel may not be inclinded to sell its Port Talbot plant," claims Moneycontrol.com

Source: City AM and Moneycontrol.com