Clayton Equipment, the only British independent locomotive manufacturer in the UK capable of designing and manufacturing locomotives up to 150 tonnes, has agreed a contract to supply a further two Hybrid+™ Diesel CBD90 locomotives to Tata Steel, Port Talbot. The steelworks fleet will eventually include a total of five Hybrid+ locomotives supplied by the company.

The Clayton Equipment CBD90 locomotive is a 90 tonne Bo-Bo locomotive. The locomotive is self-contained, with on-board battery charging. Costs and emissions are significantly reduced by the Hybrid+ technology. Battery charging is undertaken from a 3-phase supply, providing 100% emission-free solutions or from the low emission, EU Stage V Diesel engine.

As part of Tata Steel’s requirement to replace their ageing Port Talbot fleet, many of which are over 60 years old, and to deliver further growth, they are to invest in a further two CBD90 locomotives. The fourth and fifth instalments of new Hybrid+ locomotives, the largest built in the UK for over 20 years, will represent both Tata Steel and British-based Clayton Equipment working together.

According to Clayton Equipment, the locomotives built will be put straight to work, and the new configuration will allow Tata Steel to realise significant commercial benefits from their investment in greener technology including reduced emissions from the cleanest diesel engines, reduced carbon footprint, reduced noise levels, greater haulage capacity and increased reliability.

Clayton Equipment, which claims that it leads the way in offering low-emission rail locomotives, also provides the additional benefit of UK-based customer support.