The 2013 World Champions of the 7th steeluniversity Challenge organised by the World Steel Association (worldsteel) was won by a team from Tata Steel in India in the category for young steel industry employees.
For the student category, the winners were a team from University of Ljubljana in Slovenia.

The World Championship of the 7th steeluniversity Challenge took place in Brussels on 19 February 2013 with regional champions from the first round competing for the top prize. The task was to refine an order of construction steel grade, which is used in earth-moving equipment. The contestants had two-and-a-half hours to produce the requested steel at minimum cost. The lowest cost achieved at the world championship was $23.13 per tonne.

In the successful first round of the competition in November 2012, 1148 talented entrants from 30 countries worldwide competed for the title of regional champion within five geographic areas. This was an impressive increase of 76% compared with last year’s event.

worldsteel’s ‘Steeluniversity’ provides sophisticated e-learning materials covering steel applications, processing, ferrous metallurgy, sustainability and safety. Over the past 10 years more than 23000 registered users have benefited from this comprehensive collection of e-learning resources.

Manjunathan Mohan and Chandra Prakash Sankar, the champions in the industry category, said: “The challenge not only taught us ‘flexibility’ in devising strategies but also gave us a great opportunity to meet many industry experts and share our knowledge. We think the modules of steeluniversity are very helpful especially for students and young engineers in the steel industry.”

Andraž Bradeško and Anže Tekavčič, the student champions, said: “Team work and practice are the two key elements for our achievement at the challenge today. We are very proud of being the global champions of this exciting and remarkable challenge.”

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