The World Steel Association (worldsteel) has released its 2017 Sustainable Steel report.

The report highlights steel as a critical enabler and partner for other industries in a sustainable society; steel as an industry, which takes its commitments and responsibilities seriously; and the challenges facing the industry along with initiatives in place to address them.

Edwin Basson, director general, worldsteel, commented: “This year we wanted to go beyond the eight indicators in our reporting on the industry’s sustainability performance and commitment, and discuss the material issues which matter most to the industry and its stakeholders,” he said.

Basson explained that worldsteel performs ‘materiality assessments’ on a regular basis and that, in addition to the current eight sustainability indicators used to measure the sustainability of steel, a further seven areas have been identified and will be addressed over the coming years. They are: Air quality, water, by-products, recycling, supply chain, environmental investment and product applications.

According to worldsteel, reporting is voluntary and open to both members and non-members of the World Steel Association.