The Steel Business Briefing Green Steel Summit will examine the ways that the steel industry’s emissions are being viewed and highlight which steel producers and consumers, as well as industry suppliers and analysts, need to prepare themselves for the changes.

Many in the industry believe that a full life cycle analysis of the industry’s finished production shows that its CO2 footprint is not as substantial as it might first appear. The widespread reuse of steel in EAFs, as well as in the converter in integrated producers, is key.

But many governments and pressure groups believe steel should be subject to the same rules as other manufacturing industries. They also generally accept that stringent controls of emissions would place their steel sectors seriously at risk from carbon leakage (which would involve a shift in steel-making to countries with less rigorous CO2 regulations).

The Green Steel Summit takes place at Washington Marriott at Metro Center, Washington DC, USA, between 20-21 May 2010. For more information, email, or Tel +44 (0)20 7626 0600