The projects and hot dip galvanising (HDG) team at Tata Steel’s Shotton site has completed the installation of an electromagnetic strip stabilisation system known as the eMASS system.

Tata Steel’s Shotton Works in Deeside, North Wales, manufactures approximately 500kt/yr of metallic and pre-finished steel for building envelope, domestic and consumer applications.

Simon McCormick, site development projects manager, commented: “The primary purpose of the strip stabiliser is to hold the strip flat as it passes through the air knives. Once fully optimised, the new device will not only control the amount of zinc deposited onto the strip and improve the coating consistency, it will also reduce how much is used and lead to substantial savings – depending on the price of zinc and the product being produced.”

EMG’s eMASS® system, in this installation, is equipped with six pairs of individual moveable magnets – a recent technical development – and was installed above an air knife already in use.

According to EMG, the ‘installation situation’ above an existing air knife is always somewhat difficult because the crane paths need to be kept free for removing the pot roll. The solution, claims EMG, consists of a combination of movable system supports and height-adjustable magnet housings, which ensure accessibility of the nozzle system for maintenance purposes without removal of the eMASS structure itself. “Due to the excellent teamwork between the engineering and projects department at Tata Steel and EMG as well, as with external contractors, the commissioning went like clockwork,” said EMG.

From approval to successful commissioning, the project had a duration of one year.