FEIN, UK has launched a stainless steel range of power tools and accessories for machining stainless steel.

The range comprises an angle grinder WSG 14-70 E, a sanding polisher WPO 14-25 E and eight other sets coordinated to industry applications.

For work involving the machining of surfaces the angle grinder and sanding polisher have electronically adjustable speed. The applications are used when dirt needs to be removed, material coarsely ground or rough welding seams, scratches, tarnishing need removing. The company has accessories for satin-finishes and polishing to mirror finish levels.

Tools are matched to the surface in order to grind welded seams on pipes and profiles without damaging the neighbouring surfaces. Pipe bends, as in the construction of railings, can be satin-finished and polished to a high gloss finish without having to be disassembled.

The power tools are robust and powerful, making grinding transitions, cleaning, removing tarnishing and deburring difficult-to-reach spots an easy task.