The winners of the sixth Steelie Awards, hosted by the World Steel Association (worldsteel) were announced yesterday (12 October) at an awards ceremony in Chicago, USA.

Edwin Basson, director-general of worldsteel said that steel was a truly innovative material necessary for society to survive and advance. “It is very important that the industry continuously innovates and evolves to meet existing and future challenges for a sustainable future,” he said, adding that recognition for creative ideas and dedicated efforts leads to progress and improvement, which will help the industry to remain sustainable. “The Steelie Awards recognise member companies or individuals for their contribution to the steel industry in seven categories, covering areas from technology and environment, to communications and education. Congratulations to all the winners and their accomplishment. We are very proud of you,” he concluded.

The categories and winners were:

• Steel Industry website of the year: TMK (

• Innovation of the year: POSCO for lean duplex stainless steel with super ductility using a strip-casting process

• Excellence in sustainability: ArcelorMittal for its 10 sustainable development outcomes

• Excellence in Life Cycle Assessment: Tata Steel Europe for the use of LCA to demonstrate the impact of the re-use of steel in a world class circular economy building in Holland

• Excellence in education and training: Tata Steel Europe for developing a blended learning course for young people transitioning to management

• Journalist of the year: Joseph Innace (Platts)

• Industry communicator of the year: John Ferriola (Nucor Corporation)

According to worldsteel, the selection process for nominations varies between awards. In most cases nominations are requested via the appropriate membership committee and the worldsteel extranet.

Entries are judged by a selected panel of experts using agreed performance criteria.

Journalist of the year and communicator of the year are selected by direct vote.