Severstal has chosen Italian OEM Danieli to supply it with a new coal test oven for installation in the coke sinter BF shop.

The oven will be used by the Russian steelmaker to carry out semi-industrial tests with different coal burdens, the aim being to determine the optimum parameters for coking processes and to evaluate new coal blends for OpEx optimisation.

Danieli Centro Combustion will supply the Russian steelmaker with a 400-tonne oven, gas treatment section and post combustion system. The company will also provide all mechanical, electrical and automation equipment as well as laboratory ancilliaries and technical assistance during erection and commissioning.

According to Danieli, ‘among the main technical characteristics to be noted are the stamp charging process and coke dry quenching system’.

Coke oven gas is treated through a scrubber, cyclone and tar separator and is burnt by a post-combustion system, reducing emissions with the most stringent of standards, claims Danieli.