OAO Novokuznetsk Iron & Steel, Russia, part of the Evraz Group, has placed an order with SMS Meer for a new universal rail and section mill.

The mill is designed for a capacity of 1.3Mt/y of which 950kt are to be rails – including 400kt/y of 100m long rails for high-speed rail tracks or with hardened rail heads for high axle loads such as for heavy goods trains.

In addition, beams, channels and round and square bars can be produced on this mill.

The order forms part of a modernisation programme for the existing rail production plant. Modernisation is taking place in several part-projects. For the hot rolling revamp, SMS Meer is to supply the rolling technology and the complete mechanical and electrical equipment and the automation system.

The latest CCS stands are used in the universal mill. This stand type is characterised by high frame rigidity, the possibility of hydraulic roll gap adjustment and fully automated stand changing.

A laser profile gauge (Progauge) is employed for inline measurement of the finished profiles.

The supply also includes two roughing stands with manipulators, grip-type tilters upline and downline of the tandem stand group, all transport facilities, a hot saw, the media supply systems as well as the supervision of erection and commissioning, training of the customer’s personnel and spare parts.

This mill will be erected in the existing bays. Production will be stopped for just four months to complete the task.

OAO Novokuznetsk Iron & Steel is the largest rail producer in Russia. Following its modernisation, the company will be in a position to produce rails using the latest methods and in accordance with all present-day demands.

The beams and channels will also be produced using the universal rolling mill in future. The beams are produced using the proven XH reversing rolling method developed by SMS Meer.

The use of new rolling methods and modern stand concepts allows productivity, flexibility and availability of the mill and the quality of the finished products to be increased.

The mill is scheduled to go into production in October 2012