Russian steelmaker NLMK has embarked upon a multi-million dollar project to implement stamp-charging* technology at an operating coke oven battery at Altai-Koks, a Russian manufacturer of metallurgical coke.

The company claims that the project, once finished, will boost coke quality, reduce the cost of its production and improve the environmental footprint of operations.

According to NLMK, stamping technology is under implementation at Coke Oven Battery No.5, Altai-Koks’ biggest and most advanced coke oven battery, which was launched in 2006 with a design capacity of 1.1Mt/yr. Battery No.5 covers 25% of all Altai-Koks’ production needs.

The battery will be overhauled and equipped with advanced and efficient off-gas collection and cleaning systems, thanks to technology solutions supplied by HuDe (Germany).

The project’s remit embraces the construction of a new storage bunker equipped with stamping machines, and the installation of conveyors and machines for loading stamped charge into the oven. Set-up and start-up operations are planned for the autumn of 2019.

* Instead of the conventional top charging method, stamped charging involves feeding already compacted coal briquettes into the oven horizontally.