Russian steelmaker NLMK Group has opened a new sales office in Lima, Peru, to bolster the company’s position in the promising Peruvian steel market and provide convenient supply routes to the entire South American Pacific coast.

The new sales office will focus on supplying plates for the production of equipment and abrasion resistant components for the mining sector. NLMK will offer its premium abrasion resistant Quard and high yield strength Quend grades of steel, which, the company claims, will enable hardware manufacturers to increase the useful lifetime and productivity of their products.

Currently, NLMK Group supplies steel products to a number of engineering companies in the region that produce truck bodies and other components for mining equipment.

According to Ilya Gushchin, NLMK’s vice president for sales, there is only one steelmaker in Peru that supplies products similar to NLMK’s.

“Currently, the Peruvian market for abrasion resistant and high yield strength steel consumes a total of 15kt to 20kt per year. Over the next five years we aim to increase our share in this niche segement to 30% and to consolidate our presence in countries on the South American Pacific coast,” Gushchin said.

NLMK Group has 13 foreign sales offices and service centres in 10 countries across three continents.