Kamaishi wire rod works is located some 130 miles north of Sendai, the nearest town to the March 11th earthquake epicentre. Located on the coast, the city suffered severe damage from the Tsunami wave.

Some facilities of Kamaishi Steelworks were inundated by the Tsunami and have been out of operation.

Damage to the steelworks include:
– The port facilities of Kamaishi Steelworks have been damaged and recovery efforts are now being taken.
– Until the full recovery of Kamaishi Steelworks, Nippon Steel intend to continue to supply steel products to our customers through production at other steelworks and Nippon Steel group companies.
– Nippon Steel have utmost concern for the safety of all employees and their families and its group companies and related companies. Nippon Steel is attempting to confirm their safety.

The following are the effects of the earthquake on other Nippon Steel works and the countermeasures taken as of March 13.

Kimitsu Steelworks
– Kimitsu Works has resumed blast-furnace operation which were temporarily suspended.
– Following the restart of the iron and steel making processes, Kimitsu Steelworks is resuming operation of rolling.

Muroran Steelworks
– Muroran Steelworks did not sustained severe damage to its facilities.

All the steelworks except Kamaishi
– Since the Tsunami warning was lifted by the Japanese government, all the steelworks except Kamaishi are resuming shipments.

Nippon Steel and its group companies intend to focus its resources on the reconstruction of regional communities in cooperation with local governments.

Nippon Steel extends heartfelt sympathy and deepest condolences to the people who have suffered from the Tohoku Pacific Earthquake and sincerely hope for their earliest recovery. We are also grateful for the sympathy extended to the Company since the occurrence of the earthquake.