As part of the Centenary of Stainless Steel celebrations, the Nickel Institute (NiDi) hosted an event in Beijing ‘Nickel and Stainless Steel – Towards the Next 100 Years’. This event showed representatives from the metals industries as well as policymakers and researchers how nickel and the Nickel Institute are key partners in the success of stainless steel.

Stainless steel was one of the major discoveries of the 20th Century. Contributing to our safety and quality of life, stainless steel is an integral element of our daily lives. Not only is nickel a crucial ingredient in stainless steel but the Nickel Institute has worked for decades to promote stainless steel and develop the markets for its wide ranging applications.

The Nickel Institute provides end users with information and training to enable them to fully understand the benefits stainless steel can bring to applications like food, beverage and drinking water production, architecture, transport, chemical and energy production and healthcare.

In China, demand for stainless steel is still growing. Part of the Nickel Institute’s role is to work with its partners across the value chain to demonstrate the sustainability and recyclability of stainless steel.

The aim is to inform both industry and policymakers, to improve the understanding of the sustainability profile of stainless steel and to reverse policy trends towards regulation based solely on hazard, said Dr Kevin Bradley, Nickel Institute President. and