H&K Industrieanlagen has received an order from heavy-plate producer Dillinger Hütte to supply a new slab turnover device for the heavy-plate mill.

The new device will turn slabs through 180° for the next processing step.

The device will be installed in the slab handling area and designed for up to 500mm thick slabs or blooms of 12500mm maximum length and 90t maximum weight.
The turnover levers are actuated by four hydraulic cylinders and form the core equipment of the device.

The integrated system designed by the sensor technology for path tracking, the controls and the mechanical equipment ensures that the slabs are moved gently, by preventing them from falling or tilting backwards during the turnover movement.

When designing the mechanical components, great emphasis was placed on functionality and ease of maintenance.

The order comprised the planning, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of the complete plant. H&K supplied all the mechanical and hydraulic equipment as well as the basic engineering for the electric equipment – all from a single source – H&K are currently designing the plant. Installation is scheduled for the end of 2012.