The German Steel Service Centre Delta Stahl GmbH, located in Barsinghausen near Hanover, recently commissioned a high-duty slitting line, supplied by the Georg finishing lines division.

The line will enable production capacity to be increased, as well as enabling higher strength steels to be processed, as, for example, required in the automotive industry.
In addition to the cut-to-length line Delta Stahl has a further finishing line, built by Georg. This new line is designed for processing steel coils of material widths up to 1800mm and thickness ranges from 0.25 to 4.18mm. The master coils can be slit into up to 50 strips and then recoiled while ensuring no overlaps of the edge. The line runs at a maximum speed of 400m/min and produces a high standard of quality with regard to the cut edge and surface quality. This is especially important for material in the strength ranges up to 1400N/mm.

To guarantee the flexibility and efficiency of the line, as is required in steel service centres, the line has been provided with a very high automation level and special mechanical components, for example, the coil turnstiles in the line entry and exit which enable flexible loading and unloading of the line, and also the further processing of incompletely cut coils. Moreover, the line is equipped with an automatic tool change on the slitting shear which can be changed in less than five minutes.

An automatic CNC system has been integrated for the fully-automatic positioning of all separating discs during the tool change process. For protection of the strip surfaces the slitting line is equipped with a variety of brake systems which can be combined, depending on the specific material to be processed. Particular importance is attached to the belt brake which operates almost without relative movement between the slit material and the brake material. Thus, gentle recoiling of the strip is achieved.