A report in the Tehran Times claims that seven mining projects worth more than $660 million are ready to be inaugurated across the country, according to IMIDRO (Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organisation).

IMIDRO spokesman Khodadad Gharibpour, said the projects are based in four different provinces: Isfahan, Zanjan, South Khorasan, and Kerman.

He said that three projects worth $37 million will be inaugurated in Zanjan, South Khrasan and Isfahan provinces and will create 213 direct jobs and 950 indirect employment opportunities.

Four other projects worth over $630 million will go operational in Kerman province.

The projects include a 4,000 tons/yr sponge iron production unit, the development of the Gol-e Gohar Iron and Steel Development Company, and a combined cycle 160MW power plant.

The Kerman province projects will create direct employment for 1,600 people and a further 1,700 indirect jobs, according to Gharibpour.

The Tehran Times claims that in April Gharibpour said the projects were worth $3 billion and would be inaugurated in the current Iranian calendar year (beginning 21 March 2019).

He also said that 20 projects implemented by IMIDRO the previous year created 4,440 direct jobs and 25,300 indirect jobs.

The inaugurated projects are related to steel, copper and aluminium products as well as some infrastructure projects, Gharibpour confirmed.

The projects were implemented in collaboration with the country’s private sector.

Source: Tehran Times.