Hypertherm’s MTC Software has unveiled new versions of its CAM nesting software

NestMaster 2010 and TurboNest 2010 contain functionality that contributes to improved ease of use, productivity, and profitability for users of conventional plasma and oxyfuel cutting processes.

TurboNest 2010 features new developments which have increased the power and capability of the software.

Some notable improvements include Hole Slowdowns, which provide improved control over how holes are cut using process parameters settings.

Users can control the feedrate at which small interior profiles are cut based on hole diameter and material thickness.

Selected developments of NestMaster 2010 include Single Part Output which provides users with the ability to create machine-ready NC output for a single part.

Convenient output for a single part or group of single parts can be created directly from the part list.

A new output setting, Part Home, lets users set the home point to use during single part output.

MTC Software is a nesting solution for use with plasma cutting, as well as for laser, oxyfuel, waterjet, and combination-punch applications. www.hypertherm.com