Russian steelmaker MMK's Mill 5000 has set an all-time annual production record.

MMK's thick-sheet Mill 5000 produced 1.168Mt of hot-rolled steel in 2019, beating a previous record set in 2010 of 1.160Mt. The latest figures represent the highest annual production rate since the commissioned back in 2009 when Vladimir Putin took part in the launch ceremony. According to MMK, Putin highly praised the mill.

Mill 5000 is one of MMK's largest recent investment projects and its products primarily meet the needs of the Russian oil and gas industry.

According to MMK, the mill equipment complex includes a unique rolling cage that is the most powerful in the world and has a maximum rolling force of approximately 12kt.

With a production capacity of 1.5Mt of metal products per year, Mill 5000 is claimed to be a key unit of the MMK complex for the production of thick-sheet products (in addition to the mill, the complex includes an out-of-furnace processing complex and caster number 6). The mill is designed to produce high-margin thick-sheet rolled products up to 4,850 mm wide and with a strength category of up to X120. Today this unit, built using the latest technologies in global engineering, is loaded at full capacity. It produces high-quality, competitive products that are needed for major infrastructure projects of the Russian fuel and energy complex, the construction of ships of different classes, bridge construction, and other industries.