Tenova Strip Processing is to modernise Ternum Mexico’s two Push Pull Pickling Lines.

The main targets are to improve the strip quality, increase plant productivity from 0.8 to 1.2Mt/y and enhance the operator safety.

The upgrading of the Pickling line No 1 will see the existing entry section replaced with a new one composed of doubled pass-line and equipment such as stitcher & notcher units and a tension leveller/scale breaker; in the exit section a new side trimming unit will replace the existing one.

The Tension Leveller and the Side Trimmer turret type are of the latest generation featuring complete automatic equipment set-up and control.

The high strip elongation applied to the strip and the very good flatness are reachable thanks to the Tenova Tension Leveller-Scale breaker, leading to an increase of the line productivity reducing the acid consumption and improving the strip running into the process tanks