9th China (Beijing) International Metallurgy Industry Expo 22-24 August

As one of China’s key industrial bases for national economic development, the metallurgical industry attracts a wide circle of society.

With the growing shortage of the world's energy and mineral resources the most important task the metallurgical industry faces is to reduce energy consumption, eliminate obsolete production capacity, optimise its structure, and ensure the future development of the industry.

In this context, the sponsors and organiser of the 9th China (Beijing) International Metallurgical Industry Exhibition 2012 have combine their strengths to ensure a successful event.

Metallurgy China 2012 will be held during August 22-24, 2012 at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. The show aims to display high-end and cutting-edge technology and equipment for the metallurgical industry. It will provide domestic and overseas exhibitors the opportunity to present their products.

The exhibition has four focal spots to ensure success:

? High calibre professional visitors: After eight-year of running the trade show, Hiven Exhibition has accumulated a database of personnel in the metallurgy industry, including company chairmen, general managers, purchasers, and research and development personnel. Also consultants and members of academia and people in upstream and downstream industries, as well as iron and steel associations, metal users, municipal organisations, construction companies, automobile manufacturers, aerospace, mining, cement industry, and relevant industry organizations.

? Together with Hiven, industrial associations, societies and research institute are working together to build a professional, international, and branded trading platform. This exhibition will take place at the China National Convention Center (near the Bird’s Nest) for the first time in 2012. The luxury elegant exhibition hall will bring new and old exhibitors to a new and fresh visual experience.

? During the Expo industry forums and technical seminars will take place with presentations from Chinese and international experts to illustrate cutting-edge technology in the metallurgical industry. During these forums delegates will have the chance to network, hear the latest market demand information, and seek important strategic partners.

? Publicity for the event is harnessing the power of the media: Promotion includes advertisements in domestic and international media, a national mailing campaign to distribute one million free entry tickets, pre-show reports in newspapers and television, billboard advertising and the use of the internet. More than 300 in-depth, comprehensive and follow-up reports on the exhibition are arranged. The organizer will prepare a Show Preview, highlighting exhibiting companies and their products which will be distributed to exhibitors and important buyers, and also via media partners.

Registration to attend the event or book a stand at the 9th China (Beijing) International Metallurgy Industry Exhibition is already underway. Previous and new customers are invited to participate by contacting:

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