According to a report by the Italian Machine Tool and Manufacturing System Industry, the Italian machine tools, robots and automation industry in Italy grew 3.7% in 2011 compared with 5.2% y-o-y in 2010.

However, a more positive result was achieved in the global machine tool industry, which recorded a significant production growth of 27.7% in 2011 with consumption growing +27.5%.

The Italian machine tool, robot and automation production reached a value of €4762M, a 13.5% increase over 2010.

Total demand in Italy grew by 3.4% to a value of €2551M due to the increase in imports (+19.9%, €1049M) and imported machines took a 41.1% market share.

Deliveries on the domestic market decreased by 5.7%, to €1502M.

There was a positive performance in terms of exports, which overall grew 25.2%, to €3260M with the export to production ratio growing from 62.1% in 2010 to 68.5% in 2011. Major exports went to North America (up 77.3% to €360M), EU – except Austria and Spain − which took 38% ot total sales and South America where demand increased 34% to €238M, mainly from Brazil. In Asia, growth in demand was just 2.4% but this was worth €811M of which over half (€421) was from China.

The balance of trade grew by 27.9% to €2211M.

The sharp recovery of the Italian industry of the sector was reflected in the level of use of production capacity, which average 79.6% for the year compared with 68.7% in 2010.

The order book increased to 5.7 months of assured production, compared to 4.8 months in 2010.

The selling price of machine rose by 0.6%.